Deep Learning Video

You know how Skynet in Terminator self-teaches? Learning how to intelligently evolve the cyborg assassins it uses to hunt down renegade humans? This is exactly what Cognex does for manufacturing automation. Exactly. Cognex Deep Learning is absolutely killing it on factory floors, serving as the brain behind its machine vision technology; technology that is helping some of the biggest names in manufacturing bring the factory of the future to life.

The creatives at Battle developed this hyper-realistic, animated explainer video for Cognex that introduces their latest artificial intelligence solution, VisionPro ViDi. It is the first deep learning-based image analysis software designed specifically for factory automation. As is often the case, Battle was involved in every step of production; from script development and storyboarding, to 3D modeling, sound design, and final animation. And that’s that. Hasta la vista, baby.


  • Cognex



  • Video
  • Storytelling
  • 3D Modeling
  • Animation
  • Sound Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Environmental Design