LoPro & DOMN8 Branding

Boy, does the world love its shoes. Shirts? C’mon. Shirts are for nipple-phobic squares. Pants? Please. You can walk a mile without pants. But shoes? The shoe is easily humanity’s most geeked on piece of flesh decor. Battle client 3N2 designs and manufactures athletic shoes that people love. After all, they’re shoes. The fact that they look good and are built well is just cake. 3N2’s latest baseball and fastpitch cleats feature an iridescent logo that changes colors as lighting conditions and angles change. As its central design differentiator, the marketing launch focused heavily on the mark, resulting in the ‘Around the Bases, Around the Spectrum” campaign seen here. One veteran publisher called the ad component the most beautiful she’s seen in print, and we’re almost certain she was sober when she told us.


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