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You know the movie – outcast girl in horn-rimmed specs and hair pulled tight pops in contacts and frees her locks to reveal Aphrodite. However tired the thematic trope, it resonates as the world loves discovering hidden beauty. You better believe we do. Battle goes all giggly when ugly ducklings come knocking – it gets our ‘She’s All That’ juices flowing.

When TH Plasma approached Battle, we saw a company with a wellspring of substance trapped below – shall we say – a less than appealing exterior. TH Plasma gave us carte blanche to reimagine its visual brand identity – to breathe credibility into its image. A little custom photography here, a little 3D modeling and animation there, a healthy dash of typography and palette standards, and – presto chango – the homecoming queen of identity systems was born. We reintroduced TH Plasma to the world via targeted online advertising, SEO, and even ye olde radio, and the influx of new donors it has long coveted? Lined up to come a-courting.


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